Friday 27 July 2012

So much to do... little time.
I have really been feeling this over the last couple of weeks. June and July have been a bit of a mad rush, but I think I've finally started to get things under control. It is an amazing experience to be working with such a good editor, in a short space of time I've already learnt so much about the way I write and how that could be improved.
I have finally submitted all that I wanted to submit, even if it was a little later than expected, I hope this will give me some time now to really concentrate on my next novella, because this is the one I'm the most excited about.
Outside of my writing life, I really don't know why I chose to do the only summer module of my degree the summer that I was having a baby, because trying to concentrate on studying when you feel like a zombie is not as easy as I thought it was going to be.
It's a good job I'm the kind of person who just loves to be busy! Even so, I'm glad my assignments are out of the way so that at least I have a month or so to really knuckle down and get some writing done. I'm really excited about my next novella. I'll keep you posted on how things progress!

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