Tuesday 12 February 2013

Valentine's Day

I saw an article yesterday about how apparently women are falling out of love with Valentine’s Day. When I took a trip to my local supermarket yesterday, I wouldn’t say this is true, but I think it is definitely something for the start of a relationship, or younger people. I kind of think when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you make your own special memories on your own special days. But I still enjoy Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to walk around the shops and see all the red hearts and flowers, and as a romance author, every person you see mooning over a card has a story. It’s just nice to see people celebrating their love for each other, because where I live, it makes a nice chance from the domestics I usually see going on in the streets. A holiday all about appreciating the person you love can only be a good thing, in my opinion.  

I can remember our first Valentine’s Day being celebrated with a bunch of presents and a three course meal in a restaurant that was a little bit posh for me (I get a bit lost when I have about ten pieces of cutlery surrounding my plate). It was nice that my partner went all out for me, but I wouldn’t expect that kind of thing now. In fact, these days, in my house, the romance has kind of been taken out of Valentine’s Day, in fact, if we’re to squeeze in any us time at all we’d have to celebrate it a few days early just to be able to get a babysitter, so that just seems a bit pointless. I can safely say that going out for a nice romantic meal is out of the question. A candlelight dinner for two would usually be a nice alternative, but even a sit down meal is going to be rushed, since dinner time falls into the five minutes we have between work and kiddies bath time. So our Valentine’s meal will probably be a quick take-away on the sofa, with our son nestled in between us, stealing all my chips. Still, no cooking, limited washing up and family time, sounds good to me, even if it’s not ‘classically romantic’. As far as gifts go, I can’t say I’m hoping for much this year, we are desperately trying to scrape money together for a wedding and that’s got to the point where, if it’s a want and not a need, I can keep wanting. Lol! But maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be given some pretty flowers and a nice big box of chocolates. Chocolates being most preferred *elbows fiancé*!

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