Sunday 29 July 2012

Where's your sanctuary?

Being a writer means that ideally, I'd love to spend an hour or two to myself each day. Unfortunately, that never happens. I'm sure each and every one of you knows how it feels to have deadlines, and to have a million and one other things demanding your attention at the same time.
But sometimes a girl just needs a break, and if I'm having a tough day the best thing I find is just to get out the house, come rain or shine. I'm so lucky to live within walking distance of a beach, and there I find my sanctuary. There is nothing quite like listening to the waves to clear your head, and every time I go down there I'm swamped by memories of many carefree years spent there.
The beach to me is also a place of endless inspiration, whether its quite or busy, hot or stormy, there just seems to be stories waiting for me at the beach just itching to be told. I never leave the beach feeling sad or down, and so it isn't that surprising that in times past, the sea was believed to be a place of healing.
But my personal relationship with the seaside had me thinking about where other people go to find a bit of peace and quite, I'm sure we all have a special place, and I'd love to hear about anybody else's.

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