Wednesday 30 July 2014

My Review of Counter Balance by Patricia Bates


A woman with secrets. A man with honor. Can love survive?

When an unknown foe kidnaps Alex Caden, her rescue comes at the hands of an elite Navy SEAL team. But there are secrets that will keep those who want her dead on her trail.

Slade Lake has dedicated his life to keeping civilians safe. When he saves Alex, he knows as soon as he sees her that they're meant to be together. With killers dogging their every step and secrets unfolding can they find love or will the enemies from the shadows destroy everything?

Beachwalk Press

My Review


This was the kind of book that got your attention in the first couple of lines, and kept you guessing until the end. It took me a while to understand what was happening, but I mean that in a good way, because the suspense was riveting. The writing was brilliant, and the characters, wow. Alex is a kick ass heroine with a vulnerable side, and Slade, her sexy saviour, was everything you want from a hero. The tension sizzles right from their first meeting, and it will keep you turning page after page until the end!
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Friday 18 July 2014

One month to go!

I can't tell you how excited I am for the release of my next book, Let It Burn. A little bit of nail biting going on, because it's the first stand alone book I've written, but when Lydia's character popped into my head she refused to budge until I'd written her a sexy storyline. So want to know what's standing between her and gorgeous Ryan?

Sometimes one person can make you question everything you thought you wanted.

Lydia James is a struggling scriptwriter with big dreams. She's determined to conquer the movie world, and equally determined to stay out of the limelight while she does it. So what happens when she meets Ryan Sharpe, a British actor and Hollywood's next big thing? He could hold the keys to her future, but with him, flying under the radar doesn't seem to be an option.

Ryan has learned his lesson when it comes to women. In his experience, relationships mean heartache and pain. But when he meets Lydia, everything changes. She's a breath of fresh air, and everything he didn't even know he was looking for. There's just one problem—she doesn't want to be a part of his life. Will a weekend in Saint-Tropez give Ryan the opportunity he needs to win Lydia's heart, or will their desires turn to ashes?

Friday 11 July 2014

Beachwalk Press Turns 3!

Happy Birthday Beachwalk Press! I'm so lucky to have stumbled across this publisher when I was looking for a home for my first book Business and Pleasure just over two years ago! I can honestly say that I could not have found a better home, nor a more supportive group of authors. Here's to many more years together!

My three favourite things about being an author?

Just three? I could talk about this all day!
  1. It is never a chore. Writing has been my hobby and my passion all my life, and now I'm a published author it just feels great to share that with other people. It could never be seen as a job, because it's how I unwind.
  2. I've got to know some great people from all over the place, people I would never have had a chance to speak to otherwise. Every day is an experience, learning and growing and making some great friends.
  3. It allows me to develop creatively while staying at home to raise my children, and do a degree at the same time. I can't think of anything else that would have given me those kinds of opportunities from my own living room.
I truly feel blessed to be an author, and one with such a great publisher!


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Thursday 10 July 2014

The Last Dig by Constance Bretes




Bones, bodies, and a love rekindled.

Paleontologist Caroline Priest is shocked when she finds a dead body at her dig site. When she calls it in to the sheriff’s department, her former boyfriend, Rand Callahan, comes out to investigate. The evidence quickly starts to point to Caroline being the killer, and Rand has no choice but to arrest her.

It’s clear to Caroline that she’s been set up, but by who and for what reason? While Caroline is out on bail, Rand rekindles his relationship with her as they try to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Content Warning: contains some sexual content


Rand stared at Caroline, taking in what she had just told him. "You lied to me," he retorted sharply. "First you told me that you didn't have a conversation with him, now you're telling me that you did. Your story is starting to fall apart. You need to tell me the whole truth. Was this man stalking you? Did he bother you in any way? Why did you go to his apartment and threaten him and then kill him?" Rand asked, his voice rose in anger.

"You've got to believe me! I did not go to this man's apartment!" Caroline said, her voice getting louder.

"If the man stalked you, bothered you, or abused you in any way, we can help get your sentence reduced. It would go a long way in the courtroom if you confessed and came clean with this now," Rand said, his voice still raised.

"I have nothing to confess," Caroline replied forcefully.

"How the hell did his cellphone end up in your SUV?" Rand's anger burst at her.

Caroline recoiled at his temper. Then she snapped at him, her voice equally angry, "I don't know how it got there!"

"Well, you apparently had it in your SUV all along."

"I don't know how that cellphone got in my vehicle," Caroline stated emphatically, slamming both hands on the table.

"It would be in your best interest if you confess or fill in the gaps of your story. You will be going down for murder one and a very long prison sentence." Rand jerked forward in his chair and looked into her eyes. His eyes were dark and angry.

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Constance Bretes is an author of contemporary romance and suspense. Her romance books are often set in different parts of the country, but her favorite site is Montana. She's married to her best friend and resides in Michigan with him and a houseful of cats. When she's not at her regular 8-to-5 job, she can be found writing, researching, and spending time with her husband.

You can learn more about Connie and her books at her website at You can also follow her on Facebook at or Twitter at