Monday 29 July 2013

My Books on tour!

Hi everybody! I know, I know, it's been ages since I actually wrote a proper post but I have been super busy recently, and quite honestly, when I haven't been busy I've been enjoying the sun. Rare as that is in Wales I hope you'll forgive my being away from the keyboard :)
Anyway, I'll be making that up to you by taking over everybody else's blogs during August! Starting tomorrow I'm going to be touring at a whole load of lovely places that were kind enough to have me. Over the next couple of weeks Business and Pleasure and The Best of Both World will be getting some reviews, excited? Nervous? lol!
Fancy following the tour? Be my guest! Here is a list of all the places you'll be able to find me between 29th July and 16th August:

July 29th- Aimee Duffy- (Business and Pleasure)
July 31st- Paws and Print (Business and Pleasure)
Aug 1st- Paws and Print (The Best of Both Worlds)
Aug 2nd- Faerie Tale Books (Both)

Aug 5th- I am a Book Addict...and Proud of it (Both)
Aug 6th- Illustrious Illusions (Both)
Aug 7th- Storm Goddess Book Reviews (The Best of Both Worlds)
Aug 8th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews (Both)
Aug 9th- Falling In Fall (Business and Pleasure)
(Stop 2) Urban Girl (Business and Pleasure)

Aug 12th- Fab Fun and Tantalizing Reads- (Both)
Aug 13th- Readaholics Reviews (Business and Pleasure)
Aug 14th- Busy Moms Book Reviews (Both)
Aug 15th- Racing to Read (Both)
(Stop 2) Readaholics Reviews (The Best of Both Worlds)
Aug 16th- The Guardian's Hangout (Both)
(Stop 2) Urban Girl (The Best of Both Worlds)

I'll also be giving away a $15 Amazon Giftcard during this time so be sure to stop by and enter!

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