Tuesday 20 August 2013

Stolen Moments by Tara Mills

Ella knew what Neil wanted when he called, what they both
wanted. Did she dare? Was an hour of passion worth the lies,
broken commitments, and the risk of getting caught? Yes.


The sun was so strong at Ella's back, the heat of it practically shoved her through the heavy door and into the dim bar. She blinked, waiting for her eyes to adjust before she ventured forward. Given it was two-fifteen on a Wednesday afternoon it wasn't surprising the place was fairly empty, still her arrival did not go unnoticed.

Scanning the faces looking back at her, she let out a disappointed sigh. Damn. Neil wasn't here yet. Talk about awkward.

Acutely aware she was the only woman in the place, she felt every set of eyes track her walk through the bar. Leaving several stools between herself and the next patron, she hung her purse off the back and used the rung under the chair to hop up onto the elevated seat. The bartender sauntered her way and Ella made her hushed request, "White wine, please."

He had to uncork a new bottle but she was relieved to see it was a decent California label.

Now she waited, sipping her wine. The negligible amount of calm she'd possessed when she walked in here faded with a self-conscious whimper. She glanced at the door then at her phone once again, checking the time and warring with herself about calling him. The more uncomfortable she got, the more she kicked her toe against the foot rail. Unfortunately, the sound drew the attention of a couple of patrons as well as the bartender. She hooked her heel over the stool support below. It was the only way to keep from fidgeting.

Ella felt exposed and out of her element sitting in a place like this, nice as it was, at two o’clock on a weekday afternoon. She wanted to fold herself up small enough to hide out in her purse, but that wasn’t going to happen. The minutes stretched on and her anxiety over being approached by one of these men increased. She sent out a silent mental message to those in the room. Just leave me alone. Ignore me. I’m not here.

A subtle brush, very faint across her back, made her turn. The warm body and even warmer smile on the handsome face gazing down on her caused Ella’s heart to start beating in double time. She breathed a big sigh of relief.

Neil looked too good for words.

He casually drew his hand over the back of her chair, his finger teasing her as it skimmed across her shoulder blades. His smile deepened when she let out a soft, involuntary moan.

“I hoped you’d come. You look beautiful, Ella.” He slid onto the stool next to her.

She felt the heat of her blush, the pounding of her heart. “You know I can’t stay long. I shouldn’t have come in the first place. Neither should you. What are we doing? If anyone sees me I don’t how I could possibly explain this.”

“I understand your fear.” He covered her hand and gave it a squeeze. “We’ll be careful. You need to trust me. Try to relax.”

"I’m trying. I am. It’s just ... the more we do this, the more chances we take that someone is going to find out."

She looked down at Neil’s hand, conscious of the weight, the strength in it resting over her own. Oh god, she was going to waver. She knew she would. She always did—but only for him. All he had to do was ask.

Then it came, his low, seductive invitation. “Stay with me, please? Give me an hour.”


1. What was your inspiration for this story? 
It was something a friend said at work one day and all of a sudden, the words and images were just rushing through my head. I had to take a quick break so I could make a rough sketch of what was coming. When I got home that night I raced to the computer and did it properly, fleshing the story out the way I saw it. Stolen Moments just flowed, even the title was insistent.

2. Do you see a little bit of yourself in any of your characters? 
To the extent that we draw on our own experience and emotions in order to convey those same feelings in our characters, sure, but the situations and relationships are unique to the characters having them.

3. Do you prefer writing short stories or longer romances?
I’m actually just getting started on the short story front. I expect I’ll write more if I’m inspired but I think I prefer writing novel-length romance because it allows more depth.

4. Did you have any trouble writing it at all? 
No trouble at all. Like I said, it came in a rush.

5. Do you have any kind of writing schedule? 
I prefer writing during the winter months. My creative flow is better when I’m able to devote more time to the process of writing.

6. What is your writing environment like? 
I have a large bedroom space upstairs and my desk sits in one corner. There are windows bringing natural light in from three different directions so it’s nice.

7. And what would your ideal writing environment be like? 
I’d actually love to have a little writing shed. Nothing fancy, just hidden away among the trees. If I’m going to get anything done at all, I need absolute silence and privacy. That’s how I work best.

8. If you’re ever stuck for an idea, how do you go about finding inspiration? 
I read books, articles, newspapers, pay attention to current events, and get into some pretty interesting discussions with my husband. Ideas come from all over, you just have to be receptive to them.

9. Did you always want to be a writer? 
Yes. It was a childhood dream.

10. What’s the first thing you can remember writing?
I typed out a story for my favourite teacher and illustrated it. I expect it was probably really awful but her response was perfect. One kind adult can change the course of a kid’s life in a very positive way. I dedicated one of my books to her. I hope she learns of it one day.

11. Do you have any advice for new writers? 
Read, anything and everything; fiction and non-fiction. Take the time to identify and appreciate elegant sentences and quality writing. Always strive to improve as a writer because there is no finish line, no end point. Writing talent is like athletic talent. You’re born with the ability, but even the best know they need to practice all the time. There will always be something to shave, something to tighten.

12. How do you spend your time when you’re not writing? 
I watch movies, play games, do the usual chores, and work outside the home.

13. What’s the best way for you to unwind if you’ve had a hard day? 
One of us makes the drinks, the other makes dinner then my husband and I will put a favourite show on the DVD player. If we feel like a laugh, it might be The Big Bang Theory.

14. What are you currently reading?
Whirlpool by Elizabeth Lowell

15. What was the last thing you watched? 
Django Unchained. Loved it.

16. What, to you, would be a perfect day? 
Taking my book to the dock and reading while my husband fishes. It’s so peaceful.

17. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go, and why? 
I want to go everywhere! I want to explore quaint cobbled streets, feel history press in on me like humidity. I want to visit archaeological digs beginning with Herculaneum and Pompeii then on to Mycenae. I want to see grand structures like the roman aqueducts and bridges, ruined castles and gorgeous palaces. Show me thatched cottages with small rippled panes of glass or gardens to gasp over, snow-capped mountains and glittering blue seas. I want to ride more trains and maybe take a boat ride through Venice. Show me beauty, art, and architecture and I’m a happy camper.

18. And finally where can my readers find you?

Please visit my website Tara Mills Romance. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+


My Review

Stolen moments is a short read that is both sweet and sexy. It’s the kind of thing that you can read in half hour, but will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. In just a few pages Tara creates two characters that are believable and intriguing. It is very well written and I got totally sucked in. I loved the twist, and thoroughly enjoyed this!

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