Monday 20 January 2014

Vampire Masquerade by Olivia Starke -Review


It may be too late for Natasha to escape two she-vamps with one big secret…

You are cordially invited to the event of the year
The Vampire Masquerade Ball
Sincerely, Aleese and Eaven

When Natasha Edwards receives a personal invitation to the exclusive Vampire Masquerade, it's exactly the break she's been waiting for. It's her chance to impress national news syndicates, not to mention an opportunity to do some snooping into the disappearances of several women who were last seen within the Underground sect. But the two she-vamps have other plans for her.

Aleese's infatuation with the sexy news reporter cannot be denied, and Eaven has never been one to ignore her wife's desires. The blonde beauty is perfect for their plans, and once she's inside their home, the trap is set. Natasha is easy prey. She's responsive to their touch, and sweet as honey to taste. They want nothing more than to indulge their fantasies in every way imaginable.

Natasha finds exquisite pleasure of a kind she's never experienced with the two dangerous vampires. But when she stumbles upon the truth behind the missing women, will it be too much for one small-town reporter to handle?

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Intriguing, addictive and sexy.

This is the first book I’ve read by Olivia Starke, and it was also the first female ménage. This normally wouldn’t have been a genre I’d read but I was intrigued. Within the first few pages Olivia opened a whole new world to me. The writing was totally captivating, and I found myself unable to put it down. There are so many hooks, the main one being exactly what Aleese and Eaven’s intentions are towards our heroine Natasha. The characters were interesting, the sex scenes were super-hot. If you’re looking for a vampire romance with a twist then you’ll love this. Brilliant book and I’ll definitely be reading more by this author!


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