Wednesday 30 July 2014

My Review of Counter Balance by Patricia Bates


A woman with secrets. A man with honor. Can love survive?

When an unknown foe kidnaps Alex Caden, her rescue comes at the hands of an elite Navy SEAL team. But there are secrets that will keep those who want her dead on her trail.

Slade Lake has dedicated his life to keeping civilians safe. When he saves Alex, he knows as soon as he sees her that they're meant to be together. With killers dogging their every step and secrets unfolding can they find love or will the enemies from the shadows destroy everything?

Beachwalk Press

My Review


This was the kind of book that got your attention in the first couple of lines, and kept you guessing until the end. It took me a while to understand what was happening, but I mean that in a good way, because the suspense was riveting. The writing was brilliant, and the characters, wow. Alex is a kick ass heroine with a vulnerable side, and Slade, her sexy saviour, was everything you want from a hero. The tension sizzles right from their first meeting, and it will keep you turning page after page until the end!
Don't miss Raven's Quest which releases August 18th!

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  1. Thank you Emily for such a wonderful review. I appreciate your input!