Friday 28 September 2012

Afraid of the dark? Maybe!

Ok, so you know you’re a wimp when you have to stop writing for the evening because you’re scaring yourself! Oh dear. Well, the fiancé has gone out for the evening, the kids are in bed, it’s dark and it’s quiet and so I decide to take the opportunity to do a bit of writing. Problem is, the particular scene I chose to continue with just happens to be one where my character thinks there might be an intruder in her house. So, I’m getting myself in the right frame of mind, imagining the things you’d be listening out for in this situation, imagining the way my character would feel, really trying to create the eerie mood… and then I hear a noise. I’ve just been writing about how my character tries to brush off the noise as nothing, and I do the same. I start overthinking this, and my hands are getting a little clammy on my keyboard. Then I hear another noise and start to really frighten myself. Now, if my fiancé were here, I would tell him to do the checks (he avoids watching horror films with me now because of this annoying habit of mine), but since I’m in the house with only my children I figure I need to get a grip. I walk into the kitchen, where I heard the noise, switch on the light and suddenly there are two glowing eyes watching me in the darkness. I have never screamed so loud in my life! Since you’re reading this post you’ve probably already guessed that I’m fine… yep, it was just the neighbours black cat clawing at the window, wanting to get in out of the rain.
So on the plus side, I suppose I can take comfort from the fact that I successfully managed to write an eerie scene, if I managed to frighten myself with it. Well either that or I have to accept the fact that as an adult and a mother, I might still be a little bit afraid of the dark!

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