Monday 10 September 2012

Summer Roundup

Has somebody flicked a switch? Because yesterday it was hot and sunny and I was all flip flops and ice cream…today, it’s raining and chilly, and I’m stuck inside looking after my son who’s come down with a cold. Britain is known for its erratic weather but I was hoping to hold on to summer for a few more weeks. That was wishful thinking, I know. It seems that winter is just around the corner, so while I’ve been wistfully looking out the window at the rain fall, I’ve had time to reflect over all that has happened this summer, and even though I didn’t get to go anywhere on holiday, it certainly has been an eventful couple of months.

As a nation, we have had the honour of enjoying the Olympics held in London this year. A few events even filtered down to our very own Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, so the fiancé got to experience a part of it without having to travel very far. The Paralympics are just finishing today, I do believe, and my only regret is that I didn’t get to go to London myself, as from what I have seen on the television, it certainly looked like the place to be this year.
It was also Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee of course, and the street parties held all over the country were special. I have to admit, the celebrations that took place in London for that kind of went over my head, because everybody seemed to be celebrating in their own way, and I was having such a good time in my town, but I think that makes it all the more memorable.
Of course, this summer was exciting for me and my little family, of course, as we welcomed our daughter into the world in June. Thank god I opted for a home birth, because I went from first twinge of labour to holding my baby in just half an hour! Scary!
I also got a contract with a publisher, which you probably already knew, this would have been the biggest news this summer if my daughter hadn’t stolen the spotlight. I’m so grateful to my publisher, obviously, but I also have to give a little shout out to my wonderful fiancé here, because I only began to send out my stories after he told me that I had nothing to lose, and that he had absolute faith in me, bless him!
So even though I’ve been stuck at home a lot this summer, it’s been pretty busy, and more than a little amazing, I’ll take that over a holiday any day. I’m looking forward to seeing what the winter brings, especially since my first book  'Business and Pleasure' gets released on December 17th, at Beachwalk Press!

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