Friday 25 January 2013

A Good Start

Since the release of Business and Pleasure last month I’ve been keeping busy with quite a bit of promotion. Being the kind of person that just rushes head first into things and then pauses to try and figure out what’s going on, I didn’t really have a clue when I first got my contract about what actually goes into getting your book out there after release day. I have to say though, even though it’s time consuming and a bit daunting at first, it can really be a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the book tour I did when my book was released, not only were the interviews and guest spotlights great to do for me, but I also got to discover some great blogs and the great people behind them. I’ve totally become addicted to social media sites again, and due to networking and some really great writers out there I now have a to-read list on my kindle as long as my arm. Probably both arms, actually.
But I promise that being an internet addict has not kept me from my writing, in fact, I’ve had a pretty constructive couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy working on the other books in the Rags and Riches series in their various stages of edits, revisions and creation, and also, I’ve been typing away furiously at another project which for now, sadly, remains without a title, because naming things seems to be a ridiculously hard thing for me to do for some reason. I’ll let you know a bit more about that one soon though!

One of the reasons I’ve been doing so much writing while I can is because I know I’ll be really busy again over the next few weeks as the release day for The Best of Both Worlds is starting to draw closer, yay! But I’m really glad that I’ve had such a productive start to the year, because that means that 2013 is really going to be an interesting year for me, with hopefully a couple more releases!

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  1. Well done Emily! Squeezing in promo, edits and writing is HARD. Especially when you have kids. Can't wait for the rest of your Rags & Riches Series :)