Sunday 27 January 2013

#SexySnippets Business and Pleasure

This snippet is taken from my current release, Business and Pleasure, enjoy!
“Don’t worry, I’ve been dealing with difficult men for years.” Mia shrugged as she sat down on the king-size bed and ran her hand over the expensive, satin sheets.

“That’s exactly why I hired you,” Lawrence told her, keeping a few feet away from her, not trusting himself not to make a move on her right there, right now. She pulled the band out of her hair and shook her hair loose. She must have known how hot she was.
“Is that the only reason you hired me, Mr. Russo?” Mia was batting her eyelids suggestively, her head tilted to the side, her long neck just willing him to kiss it.

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  1. Oho, someone is playing with fire here, Great seven :-)