Tuesday 16 April 2013

Music and Lyrics

I keep hearing other authors talking about soundtracks to their books, and I kind of just thought that this was the songs people listened to while they were writing. I used to listen to music while I wrote, but since having children, I normally write when they’re in bed, so I have to be as quite as possible. (I’ve even learned how to tap the keyboard quickly without making hardly any sound, lol) when I tried to write to music again, I really couldn’t concentrate, and that made me sad, because I felt like I’d lost the bond between music and my books. But then just the other day, I reached a point in a story where nothing I wrote seemed right. I had to walk away and try and do something else for a while, hoping inspiration would hit and I could go back again later. What was the first thing I did? Without even thinking I put my I-pod on shuffle and let the magic of music do its work. That’s when I realised how important music is to me and my muses. Without the lyrics of some of my favourite songs, some of the best scenes in my books probably wouldn’t exist. A simple line can spark an idea for a whole new plot and music can put you in the right frame of mind to write the scenes that you’ve been stuck on. So you learn a little every day, and this week I’ve definitely learned that a soundtrack is definitely more important than I realised, and even if I never knew it before, my books definitely have them!

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