Thursday 23 August 2012

Admissions of love, leaks and absolutely no sleep

To say that the last few days have been stressful would be an understatement. I have resolved to try and see the funny side...and I am really trying hard. So, to give you a bit of a back story, if you read my last post you will know that we have been decorating. We bravely changed our boy's room around so that he'd be sleeping in a bed, and in doing so we disrupted his perfect sleeping routine. Throw in a eight week old baby and a huge work load and you can all understand why I've had next to no sleep for THREE nights! 
Now, you should also know that we changed our living room around, we've got it perfect, I love it! We finally managed to put up (and alphabetize, thanks to my fiancĂ©’s OCD) our ridiculously large collection of DVD’s and CD’s. When I say ridiculously large, we could probably start a DVD rental company from our front room. So all this is done, we gave ourselves a pat on the back, and then this morning we had a knock on the door to say a pipe has burst and their going to have to come into our front room and take all the floorboards up. Oh! I took this news with a trembling lip, rolled my eyes up towards the ceiling and though why?!
Within five minutes I had a call from my landlord, informing me that a plumber would be out this afternoon to do the work. Great, so I need to clear out the front room all by myself. And yes, that does include the hundreds of DVDs and cd's that I wasted a good couple of hours of my life alphabetizing yesterday. I’m still on the phone at this point, very distracted and very tired, so when I go to hang up the phone, I accidently tell my landlord ‘I love you, bye.’ I hang up the phone and stare at it, realising what I’ve just said. Just to clarify, I don’t love my landlord, I’m just tired and used to saying that at the end of a phone call with my family or my fiancĂ©. So I’m too mortified to ever want to speak to my landlord again, I just hope he doesn’t take my declaration of love too seriously.
So, I’m writing this blog in the hopes that any moment now the leak will have magically fixed itself, and I don’t have to touch a single thing in my newly decorated room. But I think I might have to accept that that is not going to happen, so suffering from lack of sleep and caring for a grumpy child and a baby, here I go, and in true British style, all I can really do is 'keep calm and carry on'. Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!

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