Friday 17 August 2012

The hardest thing...

I am very happy to announce that Beachwalk Press have accepted my second story, The Best of Both Worlds, which is the second in the Rags and Riches series. I'm so excited to begin working with my editor on this one, as I am already learning so much from her while working on Business and Pleasure.
As a writer it's so rewarding to see your hard work paying off. Everybody prepares you for the rejection letters that you will inevitably receive when you start sending out your work but the truth is that nobody can prepare you for the elation you feel when you finally get that nod of approval. I think I'm just as excited this time around.
I am working on the third story in this series, and so far I am having a whale of a time writing it, but I was also looking through some of my older unpublished stories, thinking I might revamp one or two of them and send them off. That was when I decided that actually, one of the hardest things about writing, for me, is learning to be self-critical. When somebody else tells you that your work isn't what they are looking for you can console yourself with 'oh it’s just not their cup of tea'. But sometimes you just have to read over your own piece of work and realise 'yeah that sucks' and then hit the delete button. It's a hard and brutal process, but recognising the flaws in my own writing is probably one of the best lessons that I've had to learn so far. As long as it makes me a better writer, it will be worth it.

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