Friday 10 August 2012

Summer time!

It is exceptionally good weather today. Anybody who happens to live in Britain will know that we are not famed for having the sunniest summers, and so on this rare and very hot beautiful day, I have put on my flips flops and sunglasses and headed to... the back garden! Well, it's better than nothing, but with two young children and a heap of work to get through, there's not much point going too far while the fiancĂ© is at work. 
But while I'm sitting here, contemplating making a dash to the beach for some ice cream later instead of concentrating on my work, it’s got me thinking about how I've spent summers in the past.
Last year I lived in a flat down by the sea front, and with only one child to contend with, I loved spending my days on the beach playing in the sand, building sandcastles and the like (all for the benefit of my son, of course). 
Three years ago, pre children, I spent the summer days working, and the summer evenings in a flurry of barbeques, camping and beach-partying, and feeling so carefree and in love that I was pretty much on top of the worlds. 
Previous summers have seen me escaping to sunnier countries. The best holiday I ever had was when I went to Italy, I fell so in love with the country and the people that I swore I'd learn the language and live there one day. The worst holiday I ever had was when I went to Greece, I mean, I still had a pretty good time, but I remember my friends and I pulling up in a bus to the most run-down resort you have ever seen, and laughing to ourselves, thinking 'Pity the people who have to stay here... oh yeah, it’s us!' Still, that holiday provided me with an arsenal of anecdotes which people never seem to tire of hearing, and perhaps I'll share them on here sometime!
Summers just seem to be the days that we look back at as we get older and think, yep, we had good times. I always love to hear about people's holidays, so if you feel up for sharing, you know where to find me. If you're having great weather right now (or even if you aren't) then go enjoy it! Have a great summer guys!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about British Summers-they don't exist in Scotland. The suns been shining here all week though, pity I've used up all my annual leave.

    Glad your enjoying the sun and I hope it keeps up for you a little longer.

    1. Aw thanks! I know it's so annoying that I'm off on mat leave and for most of the summer there has been rain and flooding, but I'm definitely making the most of these few days of sunshine.
      I bet Scotland is so beautiful though, planning to take a trip there next year but haven't decided which part to go to yet :)

  2. Avoid Central like the plague, its very boring. I have the Ochil Hills, but the East and West Coasts are so pretty, it's worth the rain.

    Glad you've got a chance to enjoy the sun now. I'm off in September for a week, so of course it will rain :D