Saturday 18 August 2012

It's all go again

A couple of days ago I breathed a sigh of relief, because I was finally on top of everything. I sat down with a cup of tea and relaxed...for about half hour. Suddenly it's all go again, and although most of it is good, I will tell you about something quite heart-breaking in just a moment.
First of all, the reasons I have been busy are that one, I am in the middle of writing two stories at the moment, both of which I am very excited about, so I keep switching between the two every time I get a new idea. I can't complain about that, after all, you all know I love writing. The second reason I'm busy is because of the work on the two stories I have already submitted. Again, all fine, I'm enjoying that. Third, I finally set up a Twitter account. Now, this is where it starts to get a little bit stressful. I am young, I'm meant to be tech savvy and up to date with social media, but I have been avoiding Twitter for a while because, well, it confuses me. I know what you're all thinking, those of you who have it, what is confusing? That's just me, and it's just something I don't get, but I am proud of myself for taking the plunge, so I'm hoping that in a few days, when I've got my head around it, I will finally have caught up with the rest of the world. Follow my progress here :)

Now it's time for my heart-breaking story. This is not anything to do with writing but my inability as a mother to comprehend that my babies are growing up. My fiancé is upstairs right now putting furniture together because my son is going into a bed, which means that soon enough, my baby girl will be moving from right beside me into a cot in her own room. Ok so I might have been exaggerating when I said heart-breaking, but for me this is kind of a big deal. Anyway, I am now going to spend some time away from my laptop in order to test my practical skills in helping the other half with the furniture making. This could be disastrous; I am renowned for my clumsiness. I'll let you know how this goes!

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